Password cracking

One need to have an idea how cracking really works and how fast …

  • --username --attack-type 3 #HL# ?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a
  • having mask longer than 8 would result in “Integer overflow detected in keyspace of mask:”, but using --increment accepts longer masks (but does not work with –keyspace, so cannot be distributed)
  • scheduler is a little bit messy s3inlc: as long as tasks have priority 0, they won't be assigned manually, so there you can manual assign them. But as soon as there is a priority higher than 0, all agents get assigned to the task with the highest priority. Still, you can have multiple tasks with the same priority (and there you should be able to manually assign them between these tasks) and also there are other features to make agents working on different tasks (e.g. small tasks, access groups).
  • cl_glados
    • md5crypt Speed: 5.78MH/s
    • sha512crypt Speed: 27.48kH/s
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